The Council shall conduct examinations twice in each academic session, one at the end of each semester- one for the students of odd semester i.e. 1st, 3rd & 5th Semester and 2nd examination for the students of even Semester i.e. 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester.

 Semester and examinations conducted for odd Semesters, is called Winter Semester Examinations and Semester Examinations conducted for even Semester is called Summer Semester Examinations.

 These Winter Semester and Summer Semesters Examinations shall be conducted for the approved Diploma/Post Diploma course as decided by the Council or Examination Committee from time to time, after being satisfied that the classes in a particular semester have been conducted as per the prescribed norms of AICTE or respective National Bodies/SCTE&VT.

     Eligibility for admission to the Examination :

i)                    Candidates register with the Council shall only be entitied to apper at the semester and examinations for Diploma subject to the folling conditions.

ii)                  His/her name should appear in the list of bonafide students of the institutions to be submitted to the Council by the Principal of each Institution by 31st August of the concerned academic session.

iii)                He/She submitted his/her application to the Controller of Examinations alongwith prescribed examination fees and other fees through the Head of the Institution supported with required Certificate / documents.

iv)                He/She should have attended at least 75% of the classes in each theory/ practical separately conducted during the Semester.

v)                  When on account of bonafide illness, he/she secures attendance less than 75%, but 60% or more in subject/subjects can be allowed to sit for the Examination supported by a Medical Certificate by any Government Medical Officer not below the rank of Asst. Surgeon. The Head of the Institution may be authorized to condone such deficiency in attendance and permit such candidate to appear the Semester and Examination if otherwise to the Controller of Examinations for rectification.


 Winter Semester Examination shall be held once in a year for the students of odd semester i.e. 1st, 3rd & 5th and Summer semester Examination shall be held once in a year for the students of every Semesters 2nd, 4th & 6th as per the schedule to be decided by the Examination Committee.

During the period of Examination, the premises of the Institution including staff members and other infrastructure facilities of the Institution where examination is being conducted shall be under the control of Council for Examination purpose.

The Practical assessment marks or Internal Assessment marks of the students shall be maintained at the Institution in the prescribed manner as stipulated by the Council and shall be submitted to the Council in the prescribed form before commencement of the Semester and Examination duly certified by the Head of the Institution.

Usually the examinations for odd Semesters shall be held in November, December and even Semester shall be held in April, May each year.

     i)     The Semester end examination shall be conducted after 2 weeks of the last date of form fill up at the institution level.

The examination shall be conducted at such Center as shall be decided by the Examination Committee after getting satisfied about availability of all facilities for conducting examinations.

The centers Superintendent shall be appointed by the Controller of Examinations of the Council for conducting examination who will be responsible in all matters of conducting examinations in accordance with the rules and regulations stipulated by the Coucil.

The Invigilators, Supervisory and other supporting staff for each Center shall be appointed by the Center Superintendent as per the prescribed norms of the Council.

No candidates shall normally be permitted to enter the Examination Hall after expiry 30 minutes from the commencement of  the Examination.

No candidate shall be permitted to leave the Examination Hall before expiry of one hour of the examination.

Each candidate shall have to carry both his Identity Card with photo issued by the Institution and Admit Card issued by the Council & shall be produced on demand at every examination.

No candidate shall ordinarily be allowed to appear in the Examination from a Center other than the Institute where he/she has studied. However under exceptional circumstances, change of Examination Center may be allowed by Vice- Chairman, SCE&VT on medical ground only duly recommended by the Principal of the concerned Institution.

The Council may charge the Center of Examination of any candidate on administrative grounds on the report of the Principal of concerned Institutions. The Principal of the Institute forwarding the application of candidate to appear in the Semester end Examination of Council shall be solely responsible for any lapse regarding eligibility of the candidate for the said Semester end Examination.


 In order to pass in Semester end Examinations, the candidates Diploma in Engineering and Non- Engineering branches except MOM& those cources which are conducted as per Rules & Regulations of other statutory bodies or National Bodies approved by the Council, should obtain at least 35% of the total 100 marks in each theory subjects including the marks in internalAssment subject to a minimum of 28 marks out of 80 in the examination. In Engilsh for which the pass mark is 35% subject to minimum of 24/80 in the examination.

 i)          In subjects where the examinations is held in two parts separately the total marks obtained by the candidates both the parts will be taken together to determine his passing in the particular subject.

 Candidates shall obtain at lest 50% marks in practical examination and secure 40% in aggregate of any Semester.

 In order to determine the division in which the candidate shall be placed at the end of course of 6 Semesters. 50% marks obtained by the candidates in the 1st & 2nd Semester and 100% of 3rd, 4th,5th & 6th Semesters marks will be taken into account for determination of division and shall be placed in division as follows:

  a) 70% or more                                         -  1st Division with Hons.

  b) 60% or more but less that 70%       - 1st Division.

  c) 50% or more but less than 60%      - 2nd Division

  d) 40% or more but less than 50%      - Pass

 Examinations conducted for students of Engineering/Non-Engineering branches as per the rules & regulations of other statutory/National Bodies the pass mark in the subject will be as per the rules of these statutory/National Bodies.


 The Controller of Examinations shall declare the result of each Semester end Examination basing on the report of Head Tabulator after formal approval of the Examination Committee and issue the mark sheets to all candidates who appeared in the examinations.

At the end of each semester, exam is conducted by the State Council of Technical Education & Training and Vocational Studies and certificate is provided by it.