Department Name of lab. Area in Sqm Name of the major Equipment
Metallurgy    1.  Material Testing lab. 68 sqmt.

      1. Impact Testing machine

2. Brinell cum vicker testing machine

3. Rockwell testing machine

4. Fatigue testing machine

   2.  Mineral Dressing  Lab. 66 sqmt

1. Ball mill

2. Jaw crusher

3. Rod mill

4. Roll crusher

5. Rotap sieve shaker

   3.  Metallography Lab.

91.5 sqmt

1.  Bench Grinder

2.  Disc. Polisher

3.  Mine drawing machine

4.  Micro hardness tester

5.  AMISN- Spectrometer

   4.  Heat treatment lab. 91.5 sqmt.

1. Muffle furnace

2. Salt bath furnace

3. Vacum furnace

4. Gradient furnace

5. Quenching  Bath
  5. Foundry engineering Lab. 40 mt.

1. Pit furnace

2. Green compressive test machine

3. Sand miller

4. Peameability meter

5. Specimen ramming machine


Department Name of lab. Area in Sqm Name of the major Equipment
Electrical Elect. A.C. M/C Lab. 108 sqm.

1. A.c. single phase motor capacitor start/capacitor run type 230v 1H.P motor X 2 nos.

2. A.c. IQ universal motor 1hp

3. A.C. IQ series motor 1hp

4. A.c. IQ Regulation motor 1hp

5. A.c. IQ shaded pole motor .5HP

6. 3ph. Sq. cage Induction motor 3HP

7. 3py slipring Induction motor 5HP

8. 3ph pyrometer motor  3HP

9. 3PH Transformer 5KW

10. 1ph  Transformer  3 nos. X 2 KW

11. 3ph loading resistor 2kw

12. 3ph. Resistance load 3kw

13. 3phase S.C.R. load 1kw.

14. Relay Testing Kit 1kw.

15. Other Instrument/Equipment.

Elect. D.C. M/C Lab 63  sqm

1. D.C. Shunt motor 3hp X 2 nos.

2. D.C. composed motor 3hp X 2

3. D.C. series motor  3hp

4. D.C. shunt generator 5hp

5. IQ Aster motor set 3hp

6. 3Q altermotor set 5kw for parallel operation

7. Startic converter 3kw  for D.c. supply

8. M.G. set for D.c. 15 kw supply (for sliping 5hp motor)

Elect. Measurement Lab. 69 sqm.

1. All measuring Instrument/CRO/IQ Transformer/Variac /Watt meter /Volt meter etc.

Elect. Workshop 45 sqm.

1. Bench Grinder

2. Electric operated Drill machines

3. Coller/Iron and other Electrical appliance

Electrical Lab. -

1. Total connecting load attached

   Electronics Laboratories

Department Name of lab. Area in Sqm. Name of the major equipment Connected Electric load Lab.
Electrical Electronics Lab. 39.37 sqm appox40sqm

1. Oscillosccope -6nos.

2. Overhead projector

3. Amplifier

4. Study of Triac and AC  purse control

5. A.F. output meter

6. Videocon V.C.P.

7. U.P.S.

8. Videocon Little coller


1. About 3500 6nos-about  210W

2. About 1250W

3. About 100W

4. About 40w

5. About 50w

6. About 15w

7. About 170w

8. About 85W

Total 1920W per day and for 25days = 4800W approx. 5kw.

Details of Labs of Math & Science Department
Department Physics Lab. Area in sqm.

Name of major equipments

(above Rs.50,000/-)
Math & Sc. Physics Lab.   Nil
Chemistry lab.   Nil
Comm. English Lab.   Nil
Department Name of Lab. Area in Sqm. Name of major equipments
Geology Department Geology lab. 15m. X 7.8 = 106.2 sqm. Ore Microscope
Department Name of Lab. Area in Sqm. Name of major equipments
  Mechanical Applied mechanics lab.  86

1. Smoke density meter APM -700M

2. Static & dynamic balancing Appts.

3. Journal bearing Appts.

4. Fastalgin Micro computer based shaft alignment system trainer kit model-5AC-5H

5. Wheel balancing Testing Appt.

6. Surface rougness tester(sustronic)

7. Electric comparator with accessories

Hydraulics lab. 84

1. Venturimeter Apparatus

2. Bernoull’s theorem Apparatus

3. Orifice meter Apparatus

4. Centrifugal pump test rig.

Hydraulics machines lab. 57

1. Triple closed CKT Mill steel pelton when turbine Test

2. Triple closed ckt  vertical shaft Kaplan Turbine Test rig.

3. Triple closed ckt fibre glass Francis Turbine Test rig.

Refrigeration & air conditioning lab. 84

1. Refrigeration cycle demonstration Unit

2. Domestic refrigeration unit

3. Experimental air conditioner (window type)

Head power lab. 68

1. Single cylinder 4-stroke petrol engine testing

2. Single cylinder 2-stroke 3HP petrol engine (bajaj)

3. Four cylinder-4storke petrol engine test rig.

4. Single cylinder 4-stroke vertical diese engine Test rig.

5. Two cylinder 4-stroke vertical Diesel engine Test rig

6. Miniature Boiler(Manima’s)

Department Name of Lab. Area in Sqm. Name of major equipments
Drilling Engineering Drilling machinery lab. 100 sq.ft

Diamond drilling rigs, tools equipments & accessories.

Mud & Cement Tech. Lab.    
Engine Testing lab.  

B.H. drill tools equipment, tube well drill tools equipments & accessories.