It has three numbers of Hostel with a capacity of 150 seats to accommodate boys students of Diploma stream. 30 seats are available for girl students in ladies Hostel. The hostels have all modern amenities & have messing facilities.

  HOSTEL FACILITY ( Govt. institution )

i)       Limited hostel seats are available.

ii)      Hostel seats are available for girls students

iii)     Selection is done on merit basis.

iv)     Hostel fees which includes seat rent, electricity, water charge/water & ward/contingencies etc. are charged for the    candidates every year at the time of admission into the hostel, as per rates fixed by the Govt. from time to time.

       v)     At present Hostel fees @Rs.2500/- (Rupees Two Thousands Five Hundred Only) per annum



  Only after admission into the Hostel on payment of necessary fees a student becomes boarder of the Hostel. Unauthorised stay in the hostel without proper admission will be strictly deals with.

A boarder shall stay in the room in the seat allotted to him.

Safe custody of the furnitures issued to a boarder and his belongings is the responsibility of the boarder.

Boarders shall not cause any damage to hostel property. They should not disfigure the walls or any part of the building and maintain cleanliness of their rooms.

Electrical installation must not be tampered with and no additional electricity connection is to be made without the permission of the Hostel Superintendent. All boarders are bound to take their meals in their self managed mess. Mess and other dues to the hostel must be paid in time in the hostel office. There will be fixed hours for study and meals in the morning and evening. Boarders must be present in their rooms during study hour. Boarders must not leave the hostel for home or other destination without permission of the Superintendent. Leaving the hostel permanently requires the sanction of the Principal and clearance of alludes to the hostel. Ordinarily boarders are not allowed to stay in the hostel during Puja & Summer vacation Special permission to stay in the hostel to prepare for examination must be obtained in advance. No boarder is allowed to keep his room locked during vacations.

Father, Legal Guardian of boarder can stay in the hostel for night or so with the permission of the hostel authorities. The boarder is responsible for the conduct of his guest in the hostel.

Hostel mess is to be managed by elected and other representative from among the boarders in consultation with the hostel authorities. 

Beach of discipline and gross misconduct will be dealt with severally leading to a fine, expulsion from the hostel or both.

The following shall be considered Beach of Discipline :

a)      Ragging of any kind in the hostel.

b)      Absence from Hostel without permission.

c)      Neglecting study.

d)      Damaging and disfiguring hostel building an property.

e)      Tampering electrical installation and using heater and iron.

f)        Singing and playing with musical instruments except during specified hours.

g)      Too loud/noisy behavior.

h)      Holding meetings and any gathering without prior permission.

i)        Frequent absence from hostel in the evening.

j)        Use or possession of alcohol or any other intoxicating material.

k)       Misconduct of any other description.

Hostel authorities may make any other rule to rule to enforce discipline among the boarders